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Mu Old School - MuOS - News

  • Monday, May 04, 2020 by MuOS Team
    Have some patience ! It's a work in progress !

    Hi, and welcome to Mu Old School Server, after 1 year online we decided to restart the server, due to a server fault witch crashed the database... But don't worry we gone comeback after some changes and adjustments to improve the game-play.

    We gone run the same version 0.99.60/62T, with our own modifications and tweaks.

    To DO List:
    New Hosting - Done;
    Update ... Continue Reading »
  • Wednesday, April 22, 2020 by MuOS Team
    Simple Question : Do you like MuOS ? Continue Reading »
  • Wednesday, April 22, 2020 by MuOS Team
    Greetings MuOS ! Here is the commands list to use in game.

    /pkclear - Clear your PK status instantly
    /post - Send message to all players. Here you need min. 150 Level reached.
    /online - Show how many Players & GMs are connected in the server.
    /time - Show server time.
    /addstr - Add strength points
    /addagi - Add agility points
    /addvit - Add vitality points
    /addene - Add energy points
    /addcom - Add command points
    /guildwar - Requesting war to the guild name ... Continue Reading »
  • Wednesday, April 22, 2020 by MuOS Team
    MuOS Game Rules!
    # Account #

    Offensive character names
    The character and guild names you choose must not contain any offensive language at all. Sexual, racism or in any way discriminatory content are not tolerated, as well as excessive swearing. We won't change your name, we will ban you. If you think it might break this rule, it probably will. Don't use it.

    Multiple registrations
    There is no reason using more than 5 accounts. If you are caught using too many accounts (above ... Continue Reading »
  • Wednesday, April 22, 2020 by MuOS Team
    Acceptance Of Terms

    Welcome to MuOS.Club. MuOS.Club provides its service to you, subject to the following Terms of Service ("TOS"), which may be updated by us in our sole discretion from time to time with notice to you. You agree that your continued use of the Service (as defined below) after such update will constitute your acceptance of and agreement to be bound by the updated TOS. In addition, when using particular MuOS.Club services, you and MuOS.Club shall be subject to any posted guidelines ... Continue Reading »
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