[Info] How to Hello ?!
Dear MuOS forum users,

Before you make a Hello thread please note these guidelines below and apply them in the thread:

For the thread's title use something like: [Name] Hello or [Nickname]Hi everyone !
...you get the point, you must include your name or nickname prefix in the thread title.

For the thread's content:
*Real name
*Picture (optional)
*How did you find our server
*What is your in-game character.

The format of the content stated above is not necessary to be the same,you can tweak it any way possible.We just need a proper introduction where we will know more about you.

Spam threads such as only "Hi/Hello" will be treated as such and removed from the section, also threads without prefixes will be trashed!

We always want to know more about every player,so it will be good if everyone shares a bit more about themselves. If you want to see an example of a good Introduction thread, there are threads where our Staff Team members have introduced themselves. Give them a read and follow their example.

Thank you and happy gaming,
MuOS Team.

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